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Siftor (2013)
interactive digital projection with custom software written in Processing and C++

Siftor is an interactive art installation which provides a serendipitous way to explore 2,706 two-dimensional artworks in the Owens Art Gallery permanent collection. The system tracks movements of people near the display, translating them into different interactions. There are three primary modes to discover (browsing, selecting, and querying) and two special modes requiring the two or three people to coordinate positions. Siftor is always sifting: the bottom visualization is slowly re-ordered according to the average hue, saturation, or value of each artwork in the collection, and artworks are occasionally added and removed from the wall. Usage data gathered during the exhibition is used to explore emerging research questions in Human-Computer Interaction.

Siftor was shown at the Owens Art Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada from March 11, 2013 until April 28 2013.